Yasar Abu Hejleh

Co-Founder, Vice-chairman and COO
  • Yasar Abu Hejleh, the Co-founder and Chief Operations Officer of Smart Concept Real Estate is an extraordinary leader with a wealth of experience in the industry, and is extremely passionate about her work, putting the Clients’ interests on top of her priorities at all stages of any interaction.
  • Yasar is an Architect by profession, with an Architect Engineering degree from Applied Science University of Jordan, and is having an extensive working experience developed while working with multinational Real Estate brokerage companies as well as
  • Yasar is a Concept Creator, her passion and expertise have driven the success of the company, scaling it up from a single operating Office and growing it to multi offices operating under the RE/MAX Brand umbrella, converting it from a local company into a multinational and multicultural company becoming an active member of RE/MAX – the No. 1 Real Estate brand in the world.
  • Yasar is committed to establishing and maintaining the reputation for excellence and innovation, committed to client satisfaction, and dedicated to delivering exceptional results, setting the foundation for the company’s continued growth and success.

Dr. Abdulraheem Alhosani

  • Dr. Abdulraheem Alhosani is a visionary and strategic leader with more than 30 years of experience working in the private, public, and diplomatic sectors at various levels of management and leadership positions.

  • Dr. Alhosani started his academic journey by studying Electronics Engineering and ended up obtaining a partial PhD from George Washington University in Washington, D.C., USA. and a second PhD from Abu Dhabi University.
  • Dr. Alhosani worked as a coach and a trainer, with a track record of conducting a variety of administrative courses, such as decision-making, leadership, business and management consulting, training, negotiation skills, Six-Sigma, and dialogue courses.
  • As a researcher, Dr. Alhosani is a second-class researcher (R2) working as an advisory member in the world of research in an international organization registered under the Scientific Society of Distinguished Scientists working in the field of research.
  • Dr. Alhosani is a decision maker and goal oriented professional, skilled with the ability to devise multiple solutions to problems, no matter how difficult they are, and is having a passion to put his knowledge, skills and high education and leadership style to overcome the difficulties of business environment.

About RE/MAX Smart Concept

RE/MAX Smart Concept, founded in Abu Dhabi in 2013, is a dedicated company offering specialized real estate consultancy services.

We strive to deliver exceptional property consultancy services to discerning clients and investors in Abu Dhabi. Our goal is to establish ourselves as industry leaders in property consultancy, renowned for our premier property management and commercial brokerage services in every market we operate. With a steadfast commitment to market excellence, we aim to provide the Middle East with the most innovative and comprehensive integrated real estate services, catering to both real estate providers and property seekers.

Our Vision

We are dedicated to providing exceptional property consultancy services to elite clients and investors in Abu Dhabi. Our ambition is to lead the industry in property consultancy and establish ourselves as a premier property management and commercial brokerage firm across all the markets we serve. We are committed to market excellence and strive to deliver innovative and comprehensive real estate services that cater to the needs of both property providers and seekers in the Middle East.

Our Mission

Our primary objective is to acquire assets that offer high returns and demonstrate significant growth potential, thereby generating sustainable economic value for our clients and investors.

We take pride in providing comprehensive brokerage services to clients engaged in buying, leasing, or selling properties. Our highly skilled team ensures that clients receive accurate information and expert guidance throughout the entire process, enabling them to make informed decisions and achieve their goals. success 

Awards & Accolades​

The hard work and perseverance hold the key to all our Success and the collective love and passion for what we are doing

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